BECAUSE. EARTH. PARTY. Sat the 29th, 2-5:30 pm. Petworth.

HI all,

It’s back on!!! After being potsponed last week due to rain, it’s on this Saturday, 2 – 5:30 pm, during the Petworth Porchfest (2 bands on my porch! 2 bands across the street!)

Co-host is Max Broad.

What in the world does B.E.P. mean?

1 pm – backyard party begins (right around the corner from the front of the house.) 4024 5th St. NW
3 pm – hip-hop band Genetiks
4 pm – indie folk 80085
5:30 – party ends

and…. in there is

The grill. We know vegan sausages are great, what other things are good on a grill? (We will have vegan sausages).

Vegan-ingredient tasting! (Going vegan is a huge planet-saver due to all the cattle in the Amazon, and in the U.S. how much of our land is used for livestock feed. but willing to discuss!)

  • 10+ different types of milk – what does hemp milk truly taste like?
  • good vegan cheeses, omg
  • jackfruit. hmmm….
  • can vegan “fish” taste like fish? and
  • what about Nu Vegan’s chik’n drummies?

A potluck – bring vegan dishes you love! (someone brought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches last time.)

Green house tour! – Green (a planted) roof, rain garden, rain barrels, solar tubes, a kitchen made almost entirely from salvaged goods, except for the recycled glass countertops and cork flooring, and, finally solar ovens cooking away. oh – and that weird invention called a clothesline. (coming soon, a heat pump dryer, but I don’t think I’ll get it before Sat.)

We’ll take your compost and drop it off at the Columbia Heights compost drop off!

Interested in testing your climate knowledge? We have a great quiz on the relative impacts of what we do on climate change. It’s much more challenging than you think.

SNOWCONE machine! From our local tool library. In action.

Showcase of some other tools from the Tool Library!

and other things as we think of it. Ideas welcome!

See you Saturday!


Annette Olson, Ph.D.

Lead, Green Neighbors DC,

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