Current GNDC Projects include:

Groundswell Bulk Clean Energy Purchase

Green Neighbors is partnering with Groundswell, a local non-profit, to give our neighbors the opportunity to purchase renewable electricity at a discount. Anyone who pays an electricity bill in DC or Maryland can choose their energy supplier. Groundswell organizes group purchases of renewable energy so that people can support sustainable sources such as wind and solar, while paying less than they would pay if they signed up for it on their own.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Groundswell negotiates with energy suppliers on behalf of the group and selects a winning bidder
  2. You sign up as part of the group purchase
  3. Groundswell lets you know the cost and contract terms; and
  4. You decide whether or not you want to make the switch to the renewable energy supplier.

For more information or to sign up, please visit the Groundswell website.  If you sign up and indicate the Green Neighbors referred you, we will receive $10 to use for neighborhood green projects. Just think of it – every time you turn on the light, instead of burning coal or gas you could be supporting wind power!

Please suggest any new potential projects via our Contact Us page! 

Or join a Green Neighbors meeting!

Issues in which we’re involved

Local to global issues that directly affect our neighborhood.

Climate Change.   Our world is changing very rapidly with greenhouse gases, urban heat island effects, and motorized vehicles everywhere – yielding higher global temperatures every year.   Though our specific neighborhoods are ~200 feet above the Chesapeake Bay, much of DC will be affected, as the world is affected.  Lower portions of  DC will be flooded at high tide, water supplies will change, and more snow is forecast in winter while even higher temperatures are anticipated for the summer (affecting our utility prices), and even plant, insect, wildlife cycles will change, as will diseases.  As one of us was bitten by a mosquito in January of last year – this is not good!  GN is involved locally in efforts to help prevent climate change – from helping neighbors pursue renewable energy, to promoting the planting of trees to prevent the urban heat island effect.  Many of us also join in regional, national, and international initiatives. We plan to be a clearinghouse for local action.

Wildlife Protection and Safety.  Even though we are urban dwellers, wildlife exists in DC, and interacts with folks.  From snowy owl sightings, to raccoons, possums, and squirrels raiding our trash cans (and the night creature that shall remain nameless),


At the GNDC booth at the Petworth Farmer’s Market

there are many creatures that still live in the environment we keep changing.  Migratory birds fly overhead, and stop in our parks.  Songbirds now sing much earlier due to streetlights, and wear themselves out.  How do we interact with them, and help protect them?  Keep watch for a quarterly post about some of our furrier green neighbors.  And we’re looking for resources and great stories!

And many thanks to two GN members who wrote up this handout on creating bee-friendly gardens.


More to come…

  • Resource Sustainability
  • Greenery

For more information, see some of our factsheets,and great links under Resources.

Independent Initiatives!

Click on the photos to learn about some of the initiatives neighbors have done on their own to help make DC Green!

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