LIGHT OUTS, DC – March 25th – for one hour.

Green Neighbors DC has joined as a supporter of International Dark Sky Association’s planned event – Lights Out Hour DC. It’ll be on the evening of March 25th, from 8:30-9:30 pm.

As International Dark Sky Association says – “We believe that it’s high time that DC participated.  We want to see this Capital city join with other cities, countries and peoples around the world in this enormously symbolic act which dramatizes the pressing need to address light pollution. You may be unaware that light pollution is growing at an astonishing rate; the journal Science now estimates that the brightness of the earth at night is doubling every eight years. Washington DC is an over- lit city; the DC Department of Transportation acknowledged this when they were engaged in studying the area in anticipation of switching all of the street and alleyway lighting over to LEDs.”

You don’t have to turn off security lights, but:

Rather we are reaching out to individuals wherever they may live (houses and apartments both have windows some of which shine out like beacons), to businesses on the street and to physically prominent highly visible structures that are too often very brightly lit up. We are looking to raise public awareness while educating people about light pollution and its impact on the health and well-being of both people and wildlife, in hopes of generating interest in dimming DC’s lights overall.

International Dark Sky Association – DC

[That’s exactly what we need to do.]

Approximately 188 countries and territories and nearly 18,000 landmarks and iconic structures have taken part.   Join us.

One thought on “LIGHT OUTS, DC – March 25th – for one hour.

  1. Great idea! I come from a country where one can watch numerous stars up in the sky when all lights are turned off. Greatest gift from above.

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