Vision Statement

Green Neighbors is an all-volunteer group of Washington, DC, area residents sharing ideas, resources, and actions.  Our goal is to lower our neighborhoods’ emissions of carbon and other pollutants that contribute to global warming and to make renewable energy and other sustainable resources more accessible to everyone in our community.  We see ourselves as part of a larger area-wide, regional, national and international movement to preserve our climate and planet for future generations.


Green Neighbors meets once a month, usually the second or third Monday, depending on the availability of the Petworth Library’s meeting room.   The meeting is open to all.  Please Contact Us for more information.

Meeting Minutes Archive.


Green Neighbors started in June of 2013 when a couple in the Petworth neighborhood of DC, Catherine and Basav Sen, sent out an announcement about a meeting to discuss addressing climate change on the neighborhood level. Shortly after, Green Neighbors formed, consisting mostly of Petworth neighbors, but in the past year, it has expanded to include many neighboring communities, and anybody from the DC area is welcome.

Some of the past projects we’ve worked on include the Chesapeake Climate Action Network 2014-2016 Polar Bear Plunges, educational booths (about composting and pollinators) at the Petworth Farmer’s Markets, some protests, fighting the Excelon-Pepco Merger, and providing information the Groundswell Group Energy Purchase. We have organized an outdoor potluck and movie night that was grand fun. We also have organized seminars on energy efficiency, pollinator-friendly gardening, and lead in our drinking water. See Projects for some of our current ones, and Resources for some of the information we have pulled together!


Our logo was designed by Clare Talbot, at (Clarevoyant.com).  Trademark by Green Neighbors, 2014, 2021.


Except for the logo, stock photos, and for media otherwise noted, Green Neighbors members have made other media (images, video) available through a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License – basically meaning you are free to use as long as you give appropriate credit to Green Neighbors DC.  Please see the license for more information.

Organization Structure

Green Neighbors of DC is an unincorporated association. We are registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a “Community or Volunteer Group”, which indicates that we are not incorporated “engaged in an activity for profit”. The group is non-hierarchical but abides by a set of bylaws to ensure orderly operations. You can view the bylaws of the organization here: Green Neighbors of DC Bylaws.

GNDC Paperwork

Green Neighbors Bylaws ver. 1


Green Neighbors Money Saving Tips w Map – Front

Green Neighbors Money Saving Tips w Map – Inside

Procedures for Proposal:


Past GNDC official statements/testimony:

Green Neighbors testimony to Community Advisory Committee on Walter Reed 2015-02-24

Green Neighbors testimony against Pepco-Exelon merger proposal (2014)

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