Green Neighbor How-to’s and Resources Sheets

Pages and Posts:

Lead in Our Drinking Water

Sustainable Seafood

“Green” Reading List


Our overarching brochure: Green Neighbors Money Saving Tips w Map – Inside.

Our latest flyer – thanks to Olivia O’Donnell:  Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in the Potomac River.

GNDC Flyer – Area recycling 2018

Capture GN no straw

A handy sheet (4 to a page) for handing out at restaurants on why you “Refuse the Straw”!

“no straw” green neighbors flyer

Energy saving tips fact sheet

Sustainability Resources DC


How-Tos Archives:

How-To Archives

Monthly Tips Archive:


Handy Hint Articles Published Elsewhere by GNDC/GNDC Members

A 2015 WPost article series by a GNDC member on How to Build a Green Roof.  (steps are outlined in the previous post links).

Political action for the Climate!

check out our list of potential political action for the climate!

Green Transportation Links

Bus schedule

Capitol BikeShare.


Other DC Metro Groups and Resources

Capital Naturalist – a public Facebook community that shares wildlife sitings, and plant identification photos.

Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Climate First!

DC Divest

DC Urban Gardener’s Network

GoodSenseFarm – “Year Round Farming in DC.”


Power DC, of which Green Neighbors is a member

Rooting DC – “an annual forum, a perennial movement.”

Sierra Club DC – way beyond hiking excursions that most of us think of, this group actively deals with smart growth, clean energy, environmental justice, and zero waste.


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