Sharing Best Practices

Yesterday (June 30, 2022), Annette Olson, Catherine Sen, and David Schwartzman of Green Neighbors DC (GNDC) had the privilege of meeting with a delegation of Brazilian environmentalists, journalists, civic authorities, and members of the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) in a zoom hosted by the Meridian International Center/ Department of State.  The group, organized by Maddie Orange and Gouzal Nazary of Meridian, wanted us to share the story of GNDC and our volunteer activities, and what had been successful and impactful, and what had not.

GNDC presented an overview of its activities since its founding (including creating an informative website, going to farmer’s markets and rallies, and bringing in speakers on clean energy) and answered questions from the Brazilian delegation. The Brazilians in turn responded to GNDC’s questions regarding their suggestions for community organization, as well as the current issues centered on the Amazon in the context of climate change and indigenous rights.  Additional discussions centered around the lead hazard in urban gardening and U.S. carbon footprints, and the Brazilian delegation expressed particular interest in the GNDC’s Tool Library initiative as a model for their own country.  The discussion was very active and informative and both parties appreciated this opportunity for dialogue.

Just some different news for the day.

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