We Reopen the DC Tool Library Tomorrow!

We are so excited! For the past year, Green Neighbors DC has been volunteering and helping set up the background checkout system for DC’s Tool Share.

And after DC’s usual hiatus in giving out its garden and some construction tools; we’re reopening! As a bigger, more organized, tool library for all DC residents. We’ve refurbished the tool library, and have taken in many tool donations and more to come. (fyi, if you have a house broom and dustpan to donate, we’d looove that.)

Power washers, tampers, and handworking tools go in front of the fireplace, but the room is lined with shelves with construction, camping and household tools.

Sample tools include pressure washers, battery powered drill, shovels, rakes, posthole diggers, tree-trimmers, mitre saw, sample compost bins, and more…. You can see them online as a member of the tool library.

Go to greenneighborsdc.org/projects for more info.

Big note here: Until we have enough volunteers to man the library – checking out a tool is by appointment only. 🙂

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