Meeting Minutes – August 2015

Green Neighbors August Meeting


Attending: David, Fritz, Catherine

Chicago Railroad Conference

Thorough an online poll of people attending the July Green Neighbors meeting, as well as an in-person poll at this meeting, Green Neighbors has agreed to endorse the conference entitled “Railroad Safety: Workers, the Community and the Environment,” which is taking place in Chicago on September 19, 2015. More information about the conference can be found here:

Speakers at Future GN Meetings

The idea was raised to have a representative from Friends of McMillan Park attend the September GN meeting to give us an update.  (GN agreed to support Friends of McMillan Park at an earlier meeting.)

David agreed to request a speaker. [Update: A speaker has been confirmed.] More information about Friends of McMillan Park can be found here:

Catherine will find out if Mike Ewall from Energy Justice Network can speak at the GN October meeting. More information about Energy Justice Network can be found here:

Green Neighbors-sponsored event series

An idea was raised to have a regular event series in the back room at the Petworth Citizen, or possibly at the Petworth Library. One thought is to have a panel of people present their perspectives on a given topic. One suggested theme is “What is a sustainable neighborhood?” which could include sub-topics such as affordable housing, pop-ups and transportation.

Fritz will find out how to schedule events at the Petworth Citizen.

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