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Have You Heard the Buzz? The use and sale of gasoline powered leaf blowers is now illegal in DC.

By Catherine Plume, Executive Committee member, Sierra Club – DC Chapter, shared with permission from the SCDC newsletter. While some people love gasoline-powered leaf blowers for their efficiency, as many abhor them for high-pitched noise they produce. But did you know that gas-powered leaf blowers are also a major source of pollution and a health […]
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Free Public Transportation, the Time is Now!

As a DC resident for the last 50 years, I recall in the 1980s Fred Hechinger, a prominent DC business leader with his legacy….

What is the Green New Deal and What Could It Mean for DC?

The Green New Deal combines Roosevelt’s economic approach with modern ideas such as renewable energy and resource efficiency…

Why do leaves lay on the ground the way they do?

by David Schwartzman Observing nature is an interesting habit. Check out these two photos: A: veins face up, convex up. B: veins face down, concave up If you observe a large number of fallen leaves on flat ground, which orientation do you predict is most common, A or B? While I was jogging in Rock […]
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Community Meeting on Lead in our DC Drinking Water

Is there lead in your drinking water? How can you tell and what can you do about it? How serious is the problem in DC? Please join Green Neighbors for a conversation about lead in the DC water system. Help spread the word by RSVP’ing using the SPLASH link — click here to rsvp.  Presenters: Claudia Barragan Chair […]
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Meeting Minutes – June 2016

Next meeting facilitator: Nick Celebrate Petworth table Good response, lots of people stopping by, lots of people signed up on mailing list including some from far afield; lots of people liked the pollinator poster Farmer’s Market table Not as many people stopped by because more people were there for buying produce, etc. Could be good […]
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Meeting Minutes – May 2016

Green Neighbors Meeting Tuesday, May 16, 2016 Present: Catherine, Basav, Rubin, Dolores, Elizabeth, and Lisa   Agenda: Fair elections campaign – o   What is it? As a way to partially getting around a flood of money in DC on a local level there is legislation at city council that will set up a system of matching […]
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Meeting Minutes – April 2016 with Special Guest Ruth Caplan

Attending: Catherine, Basav, David, Next meeting facilitator: Catherine Pepco-Exelon merger Bad news: PSC approved the merger. The legal reasoning seems to be really thin. People are looking at ways to do an appeal. They have already filed an objection with the PSC which leads to an automatic 30 day stay. If the PSC rejects the […]
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Meeting Minutes – March 2016

Green Neighbors meeting notes 3/21/16 Attendees: Basav, David, Elizabeth, Delores, Nick, Ruben, Fritz, Catherine, Robert Next meeting April 18 at the Petworth Library; Fritz will facilitate   Pepco-Exelon update: At the end of February the Public Service Commission (PSC) rejected the Pepco-Exelon merger for a second time, based on very narrow technicalities. They said there’s […]
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Meeting Minutes – February 2016

Present: David, Lisa, Fritz, Basav, Rob, Catherine   Next facilitator: Basav   Paris Climate Summit event report-back There were about 20 people at the event. The speakers were great. Outreach was limited because of proximity to the winter holidays. Next time we should do more outreach. We can send future event announcements to the Peace […]
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