Past Weekly (More like Monthly) Tips:

We plan to be better about recording these now!

Recycling and Composting!

  1. DC is now accepting pizza boxes for recycling!!! Whoop!
  2. Did you know that Annie’s Ace Hardware, 1240 Upshur Street in Petworth (and now also in Brookland) accepts fluorescent bulbs for recycling?  (need to doublecheck still do.)

Environmental Help for the Home

  1. DC has a lead pipe replacement program called the Demand Lead Service Replacement (LSR) Program. Find out more at tary-replacements.

Gardening and the Backyard

  1. Tired of Sending Your Bags of Leaves and Shredded Paper to the Dump? Check Out the DC Carbon Network.  Find a community garden and compost cooperative closest to you in need of carbon material and follow the instructions to drop off your extra carbon sources to be made into local compost.
  2. Help keep DC from flooding! Did you know that DC supplies rain barrels for a small co-payment? And even better – will install?  DC will also provide rebates if you have already bought one.


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