The Next Big Thing – regarding Climate Change in DC

Hello everyone who’s green in the District!

There is a great conference happening this week, starting today (at 2 pm), that is all about how “The Next Big” thing to deal with in DC, bad and good, regarding climate change.  The full schedule is below, (the first talk is at 2 pm about whether Net-Zero efforts really work or not).  It’s an amazing lineup of topics.

I am leading a panel Wednesday at noon, about how citizens are really The Next Big Thing.  We’re often underestimated, but especially due to the internet, we have a lot more power than people think – and we’re exercising it.  I’ll review 3 projects (Green Neighbors DC – hey, that’s us!), which is at a local scale, Climate Steps – a global website platform and social community, and Earth Hero, a global app, as to people’s actions and impacts.  Then we have two guest panelists talk about their projects, Tone Lanzillo from Duluth/350, who will talk about incorporating citizens into movements, and Andrew Butts, from Green Neighbor Challenge in Wisconsin who will discuss linking people to digital tools to take control of their energy choices.  


The basic schedule (short version of titles) includes:

Monday – 2 pm Net-Zero in DC (DC Environmental Network)

Tuesday – 1 pm Climate Justice – Who’s most at Risk in DC (DOEE Office of Urban Agriculture)

Tuesday – 4pm Next Steps for Electrification of our Homes and Public Transportation (Sierra Club)

Wednesday – 12 pm (OURS! Our Behavior, Our Communities – Enlisting Citizens) (GNDC, Climate Steps)

Thursday – 2 pm : The Human/Forest Nexus (tree infrastructure) by (Casey Trees)

Thursday – 4 pm: Floods, Fires, and Fauna: Climate Change and Wildlife (DC Voters for Animals Ed Fund)

Friday – 10 am, Anacostia and Community Collaborative and Equity (Anacostia Park & Community Collaborative)

Friday – noon, City Parks: The Urgent New Front Lines of Climate Resilience. (Washington Parks and People)

Friday – 2 pm: Regional & National Climate Crisis Engagement in DC/MD/VA (Chesapeake Climate Action Network – DC chapter)

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