Youth Environmental Organizations in the District

And another great factsheet by our new intern Peter Martin! (See our Active Environmental Justice Groups in DC factsheet here).

This list of youth groups comes in both a long and a short format – the better to spread the news with.

Peter chatted with a number of folks about potential organizations to list, but he may have missed one – if so, send feedback. Either way, use these if you are a young adult especially to help fight the environmental and climate crises we are having to deal with at new levels than before. As an older adult myself, I have been helping in environmental efforts for decades (sigh), but now climate change is going to hit DC hard. Help this city (hopefully state soon?) prepare and fight it. Join us, a youth movement, environmental justice movement, a food movement (hopefully factsheet coming someday soon) or other effort.

Here’s the short 1-pager (front and back) version:

And keep in touch. We are aiming for our website to be a hub for all DC activities that green. ūüôā


Annette and Peter.

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