Green Steps – What Can You Do?

There are often so many different things one can do, but where to start?  We provide some ideas here for individual, group, community steps that one can take to help green our neighborhoods, and the world.


To stay up to date with last-minute events, visit our website page “Political Action for the Climate!” ( and sign up for one or more of the email alerts listed there.




See off to the right where it says Tip of the Week?  Find out new archive of past tips at Past Weekly (More like Monthly) Tips.

Also, check out the GN Resources page and the Events page.

Volunteer opportunities:

CCAN: Chesapeake Climate Action Network is launching a carbon fee campaign, and is looking for volunteers, as well as signators of their petition.  Look for the check boxes at the lower right to note whether you may be interested in volunteering.

Community Compost Cooperative Network
The DPR Community Compost Cooperative Network uses new critter proof and smell proof compost bins designed by Urban Farm Plans to allow trained community members to compost food scraps with garden waste from DPR and partner DPR gardens to responsibly create high quality compost. To join each member must take an hour training and help process compost 1-hour a month.  For more information and a map of the 50 DC sites follow this link.



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