Parents & Kids

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We just started this page, but are putting resources here for people with young children especially.  We’ll also list kid-friendly events in the Washington DC region here, not just on the Events page.

To help you get started, we want to point you to a great resource page for helping create green schoolyards.  Also on this site are other links to other green school projects.

Green Schoolyards Resource Hub.


Another – overarching resource hub is for teachers.  But why can’t parents be a teacher??  Oh wait, they already are!  Some great ideas are here.


An advice site for parents includes:

From the blog KidFriendly DC, “The Best Places in the DC Area to Enjoy a Beautiful Day Outdoors with the Kids”


A great sides is a NASA site, as would rightfully be expected.  The better thing is that they actually created one for Climate Change!  Learn more about it here by tooling around and going through all the games and other activities they have built just for you.

This site is from Climate Reality, and gives you background and activities to fight climate change:

50 Things to do with Spare Socks!

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A great site for a variety of kids’ activities is one built by the Arbor Day Foundation – and the activities are useful for teaching kids the importance of trees.  It has some well-done activities in there. 

Although written for parents, outdoor activities that bring out the green in a kid are given here,

These connect-the-dots are public domain (i.e., free for use) images from the US Geological Survey’s prior program of the NBII Library of Images from the Environment/Kid’s Corner – I edited these for the project!