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“Michael Kossin–our resident physicist–is leading a workshop on the fundamentals of climate science this Thursday, 8/17 at 6:30pm in Mt Pleasant Library. This workshop is open to the public and framed to be relevant for folks of all political persuasions.”
Science Sans Politics: Climate Facts, not “Consensus”

Thursday, August 17 at 6:30 PM
Mt. Pleasant Library – 3160 16th St NW
When you hear “97% of climatologists believe in climate change, and so should you”, do you dismiss this as an appeal to authority?
You’re right.
This workshop aims to show how to evaluate scientific literature, and to enhance our ability to explain why we think climate change is occurring to people who have only ever been told to trust anyone wearing a lab coat (and who are, perhaps rightfully, reluctant to do so). We’ll briefly discuss the mechanism of action behind global warming, including the quantum mechanical phenomena that causes only certain gasses to absorb infrared radiation. We will then develop strategies for investigating and communicating the validity of common objections to the idea of manmade global warming, such as the claim that we are only really seeing part of a natural cycle in Earth’s orbit or Solar energy output. Open, rational discussion shall be encouraged throughout the presentation, and there will be a dedicated discussion period at the end.

Max Broad

CCL DC Chapter Leader


Soft Launch of DC’s First Food Runner Program, “Community Plates”!!!

One of the biggest barriers to donating food is transportation. Community Plates, a national food rescue platform, is a FREE food runner app that coordinates volunteers to help transport food that would normally be thrown away (40% of all food ends of in the dump!) from a donor (restaurant, grocery, caterer, farmers market, event, etc.) to a place that feeds people in need. Community Plates just implemented a soft launch of their app in DC!  

During this soft launch period, Community Plates is looking for volunteers, food donors, receiving organizations, and anyone who wants to lend a helping hand. Please email Kate Urbank, the DC Site Director, at with any ideas or questions and sign up at to volunteer or receive more information.

Community Compost Cooperative Network. The DPR Community Compost Cooperative Network uses new critter proof and smell proof compost bins designed by Urban Farm Plans to allow trained community members to compost food scraps with garden waste from DPR and partner DPR gardens to responsibly create high quality compost. To join each member must take an hour training and help process compost 1-hour a month.  For more information and a map of the 50 DC sites follow this link.

Websites with event calendars

DC Parks and Recreation Urban Gardening Classes

Casey Trees

Common Good City Farm workshops

Smithsonian Gardens presents “Let’s Talk Gardens”

US Botanic Gardens

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