GDC Monthly Planning Meeting, 9/18, 6:00 pm – Workshops/Speakers!

HI. Interested in helping us plan speakers and workshops for the fall and winter? As we manage DC’s Public Tool Library (see under Projects above) we now are able to really provide opportunities to learn. Some of what we are considering:

  1. Tool Basic How-to-Maintain Workshop
  2. A joint “Repair Cafe” with DOEE’s Fix-It DC!
  3. A Woodworking Workshop, with the mobile ZCAF van. (
  4. How to prep for fall gardens and the winter
  5. How-tos on pruning trees
  6. Cider Press workshop
  7. and a fall version of our spring Tools 101.
  8. Nature walk, with Biophilic
  9. Other ideas welcome!

Also, we’ll hear the latest on two DC bills that will affect solar power in the U.S., and who’s for and who’s against and why.

And regular programming. :-).

Would love to have more neighbors weigh in!

Email for the zoom link.

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