Our first Tool Library How-to-Use-the-Tools Workshop! Saturday 10 AM – 12 PM

So there’s not much to add to this photo, except that here are some of the tools we will show people how to use:

  • table saw, miter saws and circular saws, and sawzall
  • sanders, powerdrills, and impacters
  • weedwhackers, posthole diggers, and scufflehoes
  • soil test kits and compost bucket designs
  • pressure washers (!)
  • solar oven (!)

and… the popular SnoKone machine!

Come join in the fun and learning experience!

Email us at greenneighborsdc@gmail.com if you have questions – or even if you are a whiz at showing off tools and how to use them! We can especially use another person from 11 – 12 pm. Thanks!

Annette Olson

GNDC Lead, but somehow also de factor tool librarian.

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