The Tool Library’s Open House! This Saturday, 10-3 pm, 1390 Taylor ST NW

GNDC’s been refurbishing DC’s tool library (not quite finished, but close), adding some great tools through donations, and getting ready for a productive spring through winter!  Come check it out this Saturday:

  1. See the garden, construction, camping, and house tools that can be checked out for free, one week at a time.
  2. See three solar ovens in action – all super hot! (and out of reach of kids.)
  3. Watch our SnowKone Machine in action , and yes, it can be checked out.
  4. Take a tour with us through the library and learn how it works – and we’ll can also give you a tour of the online reserve system
  5. Tools to donate?  Bring them on by and we’ll tell you if we can use them (the answer is likely, but not always, yes.)
  6. Learn a bit more about the history of the place – or tell us what you know.

Later this year, we’ll have tool workshops, but Saturday we can show you how to work some very basic, less powerful tools. 

Address and more info above in the title and below in the image!

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