We plunged! Our feet froze!

Boy, was that water cold. Despite being a sunny day, the 2022 Polar Bear Plunge lived up to its name. But we did it and had fun hanging out, listening to the Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s lineup of speakers, drinking hot chocolate, and then running into cold water (as much as one can run, dunk, and then run out as fast as we possibly could on numb feet.) Though, with it being warmer than it should be in February), we were able to recover quickly.

AND WE RAISED OVER $1000 for climate action!! (We’re still raising funds if interested: https://us-p2p.engagingnetworks.app/6545/keepwintercold/116414/green-neighbors-are-the-coolest.)

So what’s next, you ask? The opening of DC’s Tool Library, which we help manage. We’re having a volunteer clean-the-main-building-and-shed day this Saturday and next Saturday as well, 10:30 – 3 pm. Join us if you can – greenneighborsdc@gmail.com. We’re collecting donations of tools as well. All for the opening March 1st, and then our open house March 12th or 19th (tbd).

Also, we have our meeting Sunday night – join us for further planning of activities!

And see you this spring and summer!

GNDC climate warriors

Annette, Carrow, Fritz, Amelia, and Mario

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