Help Us Save Our Park

Lois asked me to share the following. I’m a little bit behind on it, so don’t waste time, please, if you want to sign the petition


I am part of the Foxhall neighborhood that is trying to save our Recreational Park in DC.The DC Councilmember, Mary Cheh, has decided to build a school on the Park while—at the same time—the DC Council purchased a private school not 200 yards away. So there is no need to build a second school on our park.

We’re fighting to save this green space for our children, for the many apartment dwellers on MacArthur Blvd who need recreation space, and for the whole of the neighborhood.

Not for use beyond this page.

I’m kindly asking you to distribute this petition to those who may help support our Hardy Park green space.

You can share it or not, or just share with

Our information website:

Thanks so much and continue the great work you do to keep our neighborhoods green.

Lois Hollan, Washington, DC

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