GNDC Meeting this Sunday, 6:00, Virtual!

Lots to catch up on with GNDC with our monthly meeting this Sunday at 6 pm, virtual.  Did you know, for instance that DC has a Tool library?!

If interested in joining us, email us at this address, so we can send you the zoom link.  Thanks!

Kim Stiver, via

So basic agenda:

  1. Introductions
  2. Old business:     
    1. Introduction of the close-to-final versions of our youth and environmental justice factsheets. (Peter)     
    2. DC’s Tool Library inventory and next steps (Fritz and Annette)
  3. Website and Social media Report     
    1. Stats (Annette)     
    2. Introduction of our Instagram site! @greenneighborsdc (Amelia)
  4. Requests for advice/presentations     
    1. Prio Banglia in Arlington – Bangladesh diaspora-run.  
    2. Two local student interviews
  5. New business     
    1. Organization of an outdoor event (Abbie)      
    2. Earth Day     
    3. Other?
  6. Wrap up.

Hope to see you this weekend!


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