Postponed! WTF Happened to Public Transportation?

& How We Get to a Green Transportation Future

Next in our Seminar Series – a contribution to the discussion about national public transportation as well as in the Washington DC area – regarding what we’ve lost and how we could gain it back with a focus on sustainability.

Leading discussants will include:

  • Fritz Edler – GNDC member and a former railroad engineer. Fritz has been a long-time advocate for railroad human and environmental safety, serving as a Special Rep for Railroad Workers United to the Labor Network for Sustainability and also to the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy.  
  • Guest Steven Safarhman, Solutionary Rail Team Member ( and author of ‘Our Future: The Basic Income Plan,’ (
  • David Schwartzman – Professor Emeritus of Howard University, climate scientist/biogeochemist, a member of GNDC since the beginning in 2013 and three-time DC Council At-Large candidate for the DC Statehood Green Party. Also Co-author of The Earth is Not for Sale (

Other discussants – you.


Moderator is Dr. Annette Olson, lead for GNDC and Founder and CEO for Climate Steps (, a soon-to-be-nonprofit organization focused on climate solutions.

Main Agenda

  1. A review of what has been taken away from people in recent decades in terms of public transportation and some solutions, by Fritz Edler;
  2. Comments by Steven Shafarman, who will then briefly provide a case study regarding the work of Solutionary Rail to electrify America’s railways (;
  3. Dave Schwartzman will follow with a summary of past and potential solutions within the Washington DC Area;
  4. Moderator’s questions; and
  5. A open discussion about how to gain back green public transportation.

How to join the event

An RSVP link will be sent out once the new date and time are set.

or you can email us directly to express interest.

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