The GNDC Plastic Podcast, July 25th, 2 pm, Eastern.

Wind up Plastic-Free July by spending some time with us learning what is plastic, its impacts – good and bad – including on climate change, and how to fight plastic pollution throughout the year. Green Neighbors DC is doing its first podcast – live no less! July 25th, at 2 pm Eastern time.

Due to connectivity issues with the software program during testing today, we’ve switched to live-streaming it tomorrow via Youtube (though we will make a podcast out of the recording later.)
Here is the new link!  Look forward to your joining us tomorrow.

Dr. Annette Olson, a biologist/environmental scientist, the lead of GNDC, and the Founder of Climate Steps (, spends a lot of time helping answer questions about plastic and its impact, especially on climate change, and, of course, about solutions. In the first 30 minutes of our podcast, she and guest Den Fusso, a plastic activist, will provide an overview of what defines plastic and then discuss plastic’s positive and negative impacts, especially single-use plastic’s impacts (ugh). Then in the last 30 minutes, Annette and Den will discuss effective solutions one can take, leaving a 10-minute window at the end for a dialogue with listeners.

Please join us on the 25th, 2 pm, Eastern, and learn what is plastic, how we use it – good and bad, and how to fight plastic pollution! For any questions, please email us at

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