GNDC Meeting this Sunday, virtual, at 6 pm! SPAMMED!!!

Our virtual GNDC planning meeting was this Sunday, 6 pm, and it started off great, when all of a sudden unknown numbers of people started joining us and we had to close the meeting. I tried to send out a ñew message to everyone, but didn’t have enough system resources to do so. Three of us got together, though, and soldiered on.

We are still looking for old and new folks to join us. Help us plan out some more speakers/topics for August (July is covered, more info to come.) And help us update, revamp our website to become a broad and deep source of environmental information for DC. Tell us what you would like to work on.

Email us if interested in the next meeting – no more putting passwords on the web.

Join us! We can use a couple more hands. Thanks!

Topic: GNDC Monthly Planning Meeting – July
Time: Jun 28, 2020 06:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 830 8338 7848
Password: 153442


  1. Upcoming virtual talks:
    1. Webinar on July 8th by Fritz, David and hopefully a planned guest of his, and myself on “Obstacles and Opportunities for Climate Action in a Time of Social Crises”
    2. GNDC podcast on July 25th by Annette:  the Plastics Podcast!, for Plastic-Free July
  2. Set priorities and dates for at least one, or two talks per month through mid-Sept.
    1. next up:  another “Green Neighbors” group in DC (partially started by Fritz) and their work on good practices gardening outdoors and composting.
    2. Others tbdiscussed that would have guest speakers, such as energy efficiency (August is the hottest month).
  3. Website readership and social media report.
  4. Review Membership Drive Plan
  5. Updating the website
    1. Plastic-Free July materials incoming through partner, but could pull in more.
    2. Environmental Justice resources!!
    3. Other.
  6. Potential New Socially-distanced Opportunities – Farmer’s Market with materials, An online showcase of block signs supporting green movement, a block-to-block can pickup challenge, ?? Need some creative ideas

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