The Results from the GNDC Spring 2020 Survey.

We just wanted to share the interesting findings of the survey we sent out last month.  Below also is the link to the full results.

First, we had 24 respondents (two of whom were actual Green Neighbor core members), but 22-24 is enough to give us a great idea of what the priorities are for the resources and information we should focus on serving. 

Unfortunately, the respondents only represented two of the four categories of residents we feel we could serve.  Sixty-two percent were permanent residents who had been here more than 15 years; thirty-eight percent were residents who had been here between 3-15 years.  No folks from the < 3 years or short-term residents answered the poll. 

So, for now, we’ll focus on serving long-term residents and get the information you need out there, but we also do want to help people who have just moved to DC get the resources they need to stay safe, create an efficient home, and help DC go green.  The long-term residents did answer a question about what they thought newcomers would like to know; results showed a focus on water pollution/lead in water, which luckily we provided a seminar about last year and already have a lot of resources for, but we will continue to grow this topic.  Then there was a three-way tie between 1) energy efficiency; 2) green spaces; and 3) renewable resources.  So that’s what comes next.  

Those residents who responded have already shown a ton of green activities in their home and their neighborhood (see report attached). But there are several actions that they seek to focus on and/or have GNDC provide resources about.

  1. Regarding a question about what is the greatest opportunity to create a more environmentally friendly neighborhood, most results focused on cleaning and growing green spaces in DC (including planting trees and native pollinator plants), followed by improving eco-friendly transportation.
  2. For a question about which speakers GNDC could help organize (via webinar), by far the interest was towards creating energy efficiency at home, followed by solar and composting at home, then environmental justice and DC’s plans for transportation. However, there was interest in all topics proposed, which is cool.

Close to 50% of the folks taking the survey were familiar with our website (

And finally, the vast majority of respondents were interested in volunteering with GNDC, especially on activities at the home and neighborhood level, but some were also interested in city and broader levels of activity.

This was very useful information for GNDC planning.  For the moment, we’ve divided our team between those planning speakers and those working on the website. 

Our first speaker will be speaking a topic that several members have been interested in for a while, and we started organization before the survey results came in – aiming for a broad commmunity participation, including beyond DC. 

Working Title: The Risks and Opportunities for Environmental and Climate Action posed by the Current Pandemic.  

Date: tbd.

Finally, our next GNDC planning meeting is May 17th, 6:00 – 7:00 pm, digitally.  Announcement with zoom information to come in a separate email/post online. 

Thanks all!  Especially Thank You to those who took the time to respond to the survey.


Annette Olson, GNDC Lead

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