We’re hosting the Sherman Circle Social! April 28th, 4-5 pm.

Still on! The occasional rain ends at 3 pm.

GNDC is looking forward to hosting the Sherman Circle Social.  We’ll have snacks and kids activities (sidewalk chalk, frisbees, and badminton (sortof)). And we’re brainstorming about eco-activities for the kids. Already, we know we’ll have some animal connect-the-dots, and worms in a compost bin. hmmm. The Sherman Circle Social is very laid back and focused on neighborhood families, so bring your family to the event.

And for the adults, as we’ll have a great time just chatting and getting to know each other. Plus we’ll have an ‘idea’ easel for people to write what they would like to know about in terms of the environment, or do in the neighborhood. Green Neighbors DC is already planning a trash clean-up walk, a nature walk, and hopefully a speaker about transportation and/or energy for the summer. More ideas are welcome!

And please sign our petition to have the Washington Post reduce their plastic bag use! Rubber bands on non-rainy days are much better instead.

See you there at 4 pm, this Sunday!

Sherman Circle Socials are the last Sunday of each month at 4pm (with some holiday exceptions). Please consider hosting a future Social. You can sign up on this Google spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1y1RKfLfO3A60sL1FSJ-ijwCGR3DlJgYnW0IfMdewYWY/edit#gid=285292095

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