Next GNDC meeting is April 8th, which, coincidentally, is National Empanada Day.

The current Green Neighbors DC leaders are just too exhausted from the work grind, proposal deadlines, and overtime to pull together a March meeting this month, especially as it would be the last minute! (Btw, we are looking for some folks who might be interested in helping us manage this group. It is way more fun than work and we wish we could be GNs of DC all week long!)

So, next meeting, April 8th, somewhere in Petworth neighborhood of DC, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

Draft Agenda:

  • Set a day for Petworth Cleanup, along New Hampshire and Grant Circle and/or a nature walk.
  • Prep for the Petworth Sherman Circle Social, April 28th.
  • Current anti-plastic campaigns update
  • Bringing in additional members

More info to come as we get closer…

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