In One Week! Learn about DC nature, its wildlife, and us. Talk at the Petworth Library, 7 pm, February 25th.

GNDC Guest Speaker: Stella Tarnay, Capital Nature and Biophilic DC, February 25th, 7 pm, Petworth Library Meeting Room, 4200 Kansas Avenue.
Stella Tarnay is the Executive Director of Capital Nature, as well as the co-founder of Biophilic DC and a Master Naturalist. She will speak about how these organizations have been bringing people into a relationship with the living world within the DC region, and how a biophilic (i.e., nature-loving) approach changes how we practice policy, design buildings and steward/manage our own backyards. Stella will also share updates about DC’s participation in the international City Nature Challenge, and talk about how folks can participate.

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She’s also happy to field any questions you might have about DC wildlife, and if you have questions about our local bats, possums, coyotes, etc.., she can either help answer or steer you to the right expert.

Stella’s talk will be prefaced by a short GNDC meeting from 6:30-7:00, which everyone is welcome to join. Come help us plan our monthly activities for 2019, especially the next set in March! 

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