GNDC provides Small Electronics Recycling

If you have small electronics, and prefer a leisurely neighborhood walk instead of driving to Fort Totten, one of our members is now offering front porch electronics drop-off.

Annette is renovating her house, and often drives by Fort Totten on her way to Community Forklift.  She is more than happy to take small electronics, even batteries, for recycling. 

Definition of “small”:   Anything a somewhat out-of-shape woman can carry by herself.  Please – no big monitors and definitely no big vacuum-bulb TVs.  She has had back surgery, you know. 🙂

Just place the items in the basket on the front porch of

                                      4024 5th Street NW

Also, here is the Fort Totten Transfer Station info for residents, just in case:

4900 John F. McCormack Dr., NE
Washington DC 20011
Drop off electronics every Saturday 8 am – 3 pm
except holidays
Proof of District residency required

More info at

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