Late Notice – GNDC meets this Thursday! Ruta del Vino, 6:30 – 8:00 pm

So sorry for the late notice, two of us have been out sick! (but are well now.) So we postponed Monday’s meeting to Thursday.

Green Neighbors will meet on Thursday 10/25 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm – at Ruta del Vino, 800 N. Upshur Street (, in their side room. We will be making plans for the next year, including a whole list of community outreach activities. Some of our ideas include:

  1. Social activities (we’ll be hosting the Grant Circle Social in April 2019, hoping to host a happy hour)
  2. Community listening – a survey focused primarily on the Petworth neighborhood
  3. Hands – on activities, such as weeding in Grant Circle, arranging a litter pickup date in the neighborhood, building energy kits to give out through the local churches for the elderly…, more ideas welcome
  4. Kids friendly events – help is needed on these. We have some activities for the kids at the farmer’s market (fyi, we’ll be at the Petworth one on the 3rd!), and some resources are soon to be online, but for events for kids and with kids, let us know.
  5. Educational – we’ve been considering a variety of topical speakers, especially regarding transportation, clean energy, and energy efficiency. Water, such as rainbarrel info, might be good. We definitely want to do a local park plants tour. Come help us decide.

These will be our primary efforts, but we need help prioritizing them, as we also help run this website, and help organize rallies and marches. Please join us!

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