GNDC Meeting Notes from March 19, 2018

Green Neighbors meeting notes – 3/19/18

Attendees: Annette, David, Lisa, Catherine

Planning for Gardening workshop with Carol Herwig

Carol’s event will be on Monday, April 2 from 7pm to 8:30pm. It will be a workshop on in-ground gardening. Carol is planning to do a talk, possibly using a PowerPoint. She is not planning to do a hands-on demonstration. The location is TBA.

We will do outreach to listserves and Petworth News, and will distribute flyers.

At the event we will hand out a packet of seeds to each attendee. We are going to put together a free raffle for a garden-oriented prize.

Ideas for the future

Create/Find, make available online, and then take cards to restaurants encouraging them not to give straws to customers.

Revisit the CCAN Carbon Rebate campaign to see if we want to support it, and if we want to have an event about it.

Next meeting

The date of our next meeting is Monday, April 16. Location TBA.

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