Upcoming D. C. Council Hearings, especially regarding McMillan Park

Hi all,

Via Friends of McMillan Park, here is a schedule of upcoming D. C. Council performance oversight hearings, including environmentally oriented regarding the Washington Aqueduct and others.  (just get down into the list of dates past today’s date.)

Of particular note regarding McMillan Park, are ones that deal with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED), the lead in this city project.  Here is one coming up:

Wednesday, March 1st, 10AM, Wilson Building Room 123 is the DMPED Performance Oversight Hearing. Council member Kenyan McDuffie, Chair, Committee on Business and Economic Development. Point of contact for information or to sign up to testify is Demtris Cheatham, dcheatham@dccouncil.us, or 202 297-0152.  Those giving oral testimony are usually asked to bring ten copies of their testimony to distribute to Council members. 

Just letting those who are interested know.  McMillan Park friends also provided the following links if you want more information:

“The famous D.C. Court of Appeals McMillan case decision, and an Op-Ed that we wrote for the Washington Post:”

       See the court decision here.

 See the Op-Ed here. 

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