Our Green Neighbors’ NY Resolutions – in mid-February

So I kindof failed my resolution to write this article in January, but of course there was the excitement of January to get past:

First, there was New Year’s and the gathering of some of our members’ resolutions.

Then, there was the inauguration to get through.

After that, the great experience that was the Women’s March!

And then GN’s taking the Polar Bear Plunge (with me at home sick)!   This already was a major resolution for Catherine, Max, Simon and Nick, and it helped GN raise money for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and GN.  (Please see the post; the picture says it all.)

Then work slammed me with 12-hour days for 14 days straight.  Sometimes life’s requirements get in the way.

Which explains a post about some of our individual New Year’s Resolutions happening the 14th of February.  How about Valentine’s Day Resolutions – loving the Earth enough to resolve to help.  And now we can focus on the resolutions, with the above behind us.  So here goes:

The 2017 Resolutions

Catherine vows to fight for the environment and social justice and to find a way to involve her child on her own terms, in ways she enjoys.

Max has two goals relating to the climate:

  1. “I plan to work with climate activists from across the country to get Republicans in Congress to sign on for climate action. My goal is 10 members.
  2. I also have a goal to host 10 events (either group dinners or cooking demos) to show people how awesome and delicious plant-based food can be.”

David:  “My resolution is to do all I can to defend human rights in DC from the impacts of the Trump election.”

Two of my (Annette’s) key resolutions are:

  1. Create a very active Green Neighbor’s web page and Facebook community.
    1. https://greenneighborsdc.org/
    2. https://www.facebook.com/greenneighborsofdc

Hint:  Please “like” pages that you are interested in, so we know what to focus on.  Plus, the more “likes” or “follows” a page/site has, the more other people are likely to check out a page or two.  It helps!  Finally, if you have ideas for articles, please let me know.

        2. Refinance my house so I can put solar panels on it.

Jessica is going to create an edible garden in her back yard.

Nick is determined to get more action-oriented on (1) at least one big picture action beyond current online efforts, (2) one local action; and (3) one individual action.  For the latter, he plans to have an energy audit done on his house.

Lee decided that in order to be more active in the coming years she needed to lose weight. Since New Year’s she has already lost 16 lbs. using a very low carbohydrates diet. Fifteen pounds to go.

Basav plans to focus more on issues that deal with fossil fuel extraction and its related infrastructure, especially fracking and pipelines.

Fritz is going to write an article for this website about bee-keeping in DC. (I’m not sure that he knows that this is his NY’s resolution, but he did say he was going to do that!)

As for Green Neighbors’ Official Actions/Resolutions

We had a meeting last night where we agreed we were going to be actively involved in the Climate March DC, occurring April 29th, including through networking through other DC green-oriented groups.  Meeting minutes to come. But GN is going to continue examining our 2017 priorities for our next local, neighborhood-oriented; DC-oriented; and national actions at our next GN meeting March 20th.  Please join us! All are welcome and bring friends.

Green Neighbors will meet on Monday, March 20th, from 6:30-8:00 pm, Petworth Citizen Reading Room, 829 Upshur Street, NW.

As someone said during out last meeting – if you are given federal lemons, make state and local lemonade.

We’d love to hear some more resolutions that maybe we can add to our own personal lists, or for Green Neighbors as a group.  There are so many easy (and-not-so-easy) steps we can take.  Each bit helps – and sharing your ideas and growing a community helps create grassroots efforts that build momentum – and make a terrific impact.

Thanks, and see you next meeting!


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