Meeting Minutes, Nov 2, 2016

Attendance: 9, Petworth Library, Chair: Catherine,

Next GN regular meeting: Dec. 12, at the Petworth Library.

We welcomed Annette back after a period of absence and she will be working on updating our website over the next few weeks, making all the pages current and adding information about what people can do in the current political situation to support our planet and communities.

CCAN Plunge: The Chesapeake Climate Action Network’s “Keep Winter Cold” Polar Bear Plunge is scheduled for January 28, 2017.  Green Neighbors decided to again field a team of Plungers and hope to be able to raise money for both GN and CCAN.  Team so far: Catherine, Nick, Simon

Discussion on next steps for Green Neighbors in the new year: Broad discussion, recognizing entering into the unknowns of the Trump/Climate Denier/Fossil fuel promoter administration.

  • Two broad perspectives counterpose GN developing a bigger agenda with possibly broader than greater Petworth footprint vs. Creating a community space with a specific mission on Climate and limits to growth.  Some overlap of this is also felt.  Also counterposing working on bigger actions vs. More direct campaigning.
  • Question raised – what should be our attitude towards issues of homerule in the District, given current constraints applied by Congress?
  •  Some want a clearing house education and resource focus.  Support for more broad actions and more public forums like those we’ve recently held was expressed as well.

Action: We should develop a “new member” kit with basic orientation information for newcomers we meet during our work.

Action: A follow up discussion has been set for December 10, 2016 at 5:30pm at Petworth Citizen to allow more of these ideas to be developed and help towards a coherent plan going forward.



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