Community Meeting on Lead in our DC Drinking Water

kid-water-picIs there lead in your drinking water?

How can you tell and what can you do about it?

How serious is the problem in DC?

Please join Green Neighbors for a conversation about lead in the DC water system.

Help spread the word by RSVP’ing using the SPLASH link — click here to rsvp. 


Claudia Barragan

Chair of the Environmental Justice Committee, DC Chapter of the Sierra Club

Paul Schwartz

Campaign for Lead Free Water

Moderator: David Schwartzman

Green Neighbors and Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology, Howard University

Spanish language interpretation will be available. Children are welcome.

Green Neighbors is an all-volunteer group of residents of the Petworth, Park View, Brightwood, and Columbia Heights neighborhoods in Washington, DC.  Our goal is to lower our neighborhoods’ emissions of carbon and other pollutants that contribute to global warming and to make renewable energy and other sustainable resources more accessible to everyone in our community.

Help spread the word by RSVP’ing using the SPLASH link — click here!

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