What Really Happened at the Paris Climate Talks?

What really happened at the Paris climate talks?

Get the perspectives of four climate activists who were in Paris at the COP21 climate summit, or followed the negotiations closely – perspectives that were not covered in the media. We will have ample time for questions and discussion after hearing from the speakers.

The speakers will address questions such as:

  • Was the deal agreed to in Paris ambitious enough or could it have gone further?
  • To what extent are the goals in the agreement mere statements of good intentions, as against enforceable, legally binding commitments?
  • In spite of the official “protest ban,” there were street protests. What were they like, and to what extent did they influence the outcome of the talks?
  • To what extent does the Paris agreement take into account historical injustices in terms of who has benefited disproportionately from fossil fuel extraction and use, and who has paid the price?
  • Where does the global climate justice movement go from here?

When: Wednesday January 20, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Where: Petworth Public Library, 4200 Kansas Ave. NW, basement meeting room. (Near Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro.)

Confirmed speakers:

David Schwartzman, retired Howard University Professor of Geochemistry.

Brandon Wu, Senior Policy Analyst at ActionAid, working on international climate justice.

Anthony Torres, American University student and campus activist on fossil fuel divestment.


This event is sponsored by: Green Neighbors,  Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), and 350 DC.

For more information email greenneighborsdc@gmail.com

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