Meeting Minutes – January 2016

Attending: Lisa, David, Basav, Fritz, Mandy, James, Catherine

Next meeting: February 8, Fritz will facilitate. We were unable to reserve the library for our meeting so it will be held at a member’s house TBA.


  1. Paris Climate Summit report-back – January 20

Confirmed Speakers:

David Schwartzman, retired Howard University professor of Geochemistry – what was accomplished, what are the implications for climate, what are the weaknesses in the outcome? Suggestions for how the climate justice movement can change its messaging. (won’t use a PowerPoint)

Anthony Torres, American University Student fossil fuel divestment group – youth perspective

Brandon Wu, ActionAid – international climate justice perspective

Basav is outreaching to speakers to find one more for a total of 4 speakers.

Moderator: Catherine


We have the Petworth Public Library from 6-9

The event is 6:30-8:30

Each speaker will have 10 minutes. The rest will be Q&A/discussion.

Co-sponsors: CCAN, 350DC (They will publicize it too.)


– One announcement has gone out. Once speakers are confirmed, Basav will put out a new announcement.

– Mandy will put together a flier by tomorrow and will email it to the GN listserve and cc me. We will each print it out and distribute it ourselves.

– Send it to the ANC reps – Lisa will send.

– Basav will ask Rob to put it on the GN website.  Basav will get it on the WPFW calendar.

– Lisa will put it on the GN Facebook page.

– Basav and Catherine will write an article to go on the Petworth News blog. Rob has already set this up.


2. Polar Bear Plunge

Plungers: Fritz, Max, Catherine

Catherine will send sample email for fundraising for team. Everyone please try to fundraise for the team whether you are plunging or not!


3. Pepco-Exelon merger update

A large number of ANCs passed resolutions opposing the settlement. None passed resolutions in favor of the settlement. (None had passed resolutions in favor of the original merger either.)

The deadline for public comments to the Public Service Commission was December 23. They are considering the evidence but we don’t know when they will make a decision (probably January or February).

There were about 75-100 Power DC supporters at the Public Service Commission on December 23, with hard copies to submit. The event went well and they got some media coverage.

James and Basav will draft an article for the Northwest Current.

There is interest in DC in creating a publicly-owned utility.

Council members still opposed to the merger: Cheh, Silverman, Grosso, Allen


4. Future Events

March: Pesticides, neonicotinoids/bees, mosquito spray

Lowes and Home Depot have agreed to stop selling neonicotinoids. We are planning to talk to Annie’s Ace Hardware at some point about this campaign.

Montgomery County has banned the use of pesticides. Mary Cheh might be interested in sponsoring a similar bill.

James has some friends who are bringing a lawsuit against Monsanto for glyphosate/Roundup (bad for bees, also carcinogenic). James is helping build the lawsuit. James could help recruit a speaker about this issue.

Target participants for the event: neighborhood home gardeners

Possible Titles: “Pesticides in your Home” or “Pesticides in your Yard”

Alternatives to Pesticides: Organic/Permaculture/Integrated Pest Management

Committee: Fritz, Lisa, James, Catherine

We should reserve the library as soon as we can for the March event.

We brainstormed a list of possible speakers who the committee will reach out to.



After Lac-Megantic, there was a moratorium on shipping the oil through that town. Now it is shipped via train through Albany, NY and put on barges.

This week the Delta 5 in Washington State is going on trial for blocking an oil train carrying Tar Sands/Bakken Oil (very volatile). They will be able to raise the necessity defense – gold standard for people who do civil disobedience. This is an opportunity to raise the issues of the transport of fossil fuels. Fritz will send out updates.

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