Meeting Minutes – June 2015

Attendees:  Basav, Annette, Rob, Belinda, Harriet, and introduction of new participant: Pierre.

Because Pierre was new, we spent about 15 minutes with introductions, and talking about how we got involved in GN, and our various interests in different aspects of GN (neighbors, communication and relations, and advocacy, for instance.)

Planning for GN’s Green Day at the Farmers Market                   

We talked about various logistics, and who could be there when.  We were unsure of who was creating a signup sheet, but if one doesn’t exist, Annette will manage.  Annette will be there most of the day, at setup and takedown.  You can email Catherine Sen at …., or Annette at

We believe the time for setup is 8:30 am.  And that tents, if not tables and chairs, will be provided (but Catherine is checking).  Basav noted that we have enough literature printed up.

We discussed how to make the table more interactive.  Harriet suggested potential for sustainable seafood, Rob talked about Day Eight’s activities, but that would not be connected to a table.  Day Eight will have a science experiment regarding the rain cycle.  Science experiments were mentioned for us.  Other possibilities. So here are the action items:

Prep Action Items:

  • Annette will help Catherine and Lindsay with prep management. (sign up sheets, etc.)
  • Once we know about chairs, tables: if needed, Basav has tables, Annette has chairs.
  • Basav and Catherine will bring the sign up sheets, brochures, info about Excelon-Pepco Merger etc.
  • Rob will contact Sustainable DC, to see if already have a table, and if want to swing by, provide literature.
  • Annette will bring plants from her rain garden and some of the literature about the RiverSmart home
  • Pierre will email a photo of his rain barrel.
  • Harriet will do a small write up on Sustainable Seafood (including the links for downloadable apps to help people have instant access to this information.) which we can put on our website regarding resources. (thus Harriet and Lindsay will connect; if Lindsay is unavailable, Annette also has editorial abilities for the website.)
  • Rob will do up a QR Code that people can scan with their iphones to get more information.
  • Rob will send a note to Petworth News about it being Green Day at the Petworth Market
  • Rob and/or Harriet will contact Paul Ruppert (both know him) and mention we’re doing our table, if he wanted to swing by, and that there will be some added information now on our website about sustainable seafood. (the potential for further interaction was mentioned, but tabled for a later date.)
  • Update: Annette and Lisa ran into each other day, and may bring a small tub of earthworms from our compost bins to show to kids.

Day itself:

  • Annette and Belinda will be there at 8:30, and either Catherine or Basav. Harriet will also volunteer, but is unsure yet what time.

Pepco-Exelon merger 

Basav provided background for new participants, and then an excellent status report.  (Basav, please feel free to add in key points here.)

For next steps, an email campaign can still make a difference, and postcards that can be sent to particular politicians will be available at the GN Green Day Farmer’s Market table.  We also noted that we need someone from GN to keep tabs on the merger while Basav is abroad for three weeks.

  • Basav will look for a temporary replacement from Green Neighbors
  • Basav will send emails out about events before he goes.

Zoning/Ward 4 Thrives                

Rob gave some background about who Ward 4 Thrives is, and what their interest is, and noted the potential for perhaps for GN to have a relationship/partnership with them.  Time was short, and more information was needed, so a full discussion was tabled but GN participants were interested in learning more.

  • Rob will use the GN proposal form to provide more information for the next round.

Internal  News:

  1. Treasurer not available at this meeting, but GN figured that we hadn’t spent all our money. 😉
  2. We agreed to have a discussion about email lists and purposes at an upcoming meeting.


A discussion about how we could potentially provide more information and/or official statement about green and open space on our website, was tabled for next time.

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