Meeting Minutes – April 2015

April 20

Present: Basav, DC, David, Kevin, Rob, Lindsay, LaRoya Huff (from the campaign of Brandon Todd, Ward 4 Councilmember candidate), and new neighbor, Belinda


We need a treasurer to replace DC. Duties include keeping track of the bank account. Writing checks; has check writing authority along with Catherine. Tracks deposits and expenses.

Action Item: DC will send out short description of position.

Petworth Festival

June 6th; Green Neighbors hopes to participate and use the opportunity to distribute brochures and recruit new members.

Action Item: Basav will check with James to see if we applied.

Walter Reed

Steve Watley, ANC 4A chairman is not in favor of locking in 20% affordable housing for the site. Article in the Northwest Current: Rob will keep GN up-to-date in the event that we can do something more to support increased green space for the site.

Upshur Books

Earth Day books. Can’t remember if we sent to Upshur.

Action Item: Lindsay will get in touch with Lisa to see if we did this and if not resurrect it and list on the web either way. Narrow to top choices and possibly out into categories.

Community Renewables Energy Act

Shared concerns about the bill passed in 2013. Regulations written to implement the Community Renewables Energy do not follow the spirit of the law. The provide only half of the benefit back residents in apartments that buy into community solar arrays. It is unclear where this effort stands. Councilmember Orange was involved at one point but now it may be Councilmember McDuffie. An organization called Nextivity wrote a letter in support of full credits back t community solar purchasers.

Action Item: David will check on the status of this with Anya and see how we can provide support.


We are in the first phase right now, where people sign up to show interest in wind energy. Groundswell negotiates a deal with an energy company. We’ve done this process twice before, assisting then in helping them recruit. Unfortunately, this time, we haven’t had much lead time and have only sent out emails, etc. The window closes the day after tomorrow. However, then there is a month window for people to sign up. Farmers market is starting back up on the first week of May. 4 hour. Check to make sure available. Hope for May 9.

Action Item: Basav can try to get in touch with the market to see if we can get that date.

Action Item: Lindsay will build a Doodle Poll based on the date for internal distribution/coverage.

Action Item: Lindsay will add a web post that people can point to in getting additional volunteers to man the booth, be they members who do not regularly attend meetings or people from our own personal networks.

Action Item: All reach out to network to see if people can volunteer at or stop by the booth.

Exelon Pepco Merger

Big Chicago-based utility is trying to buy Pepco. Big concerns over costs and renewable energy, largely connected to the fact that they are also an energy producer. Right now in quasi judicial meetings. Should come out with the decision by mid May. Public pressure phase is over and is kind of in a holding pattern. Maryland decision will likely come first. If Maryland says no, Exelon may walk away. Basav was at the cross examination. Sense is that the mayor’s office has not made a decision but given district to district department of the environment the ability to oppose the merger. The DDoE lawyer was most aggressive in the opening arguments. But Tommy Wells had said that if Maryland approves, it’s a done deal. Cheh, Silverman, and Allen have come out against it.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on May 18th. Lindsay well facilitate.

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