Meeting Minutes – December 2014

Notes from 15 December 2014 Green Neighbors meeting

In attendance:

Lindsay, Annette, DC, Rob, David, Basav, Edwin Powell (who is a candidate for Ward 4 council seat, new to the group) and Lisa


Bank account – no change.

Energy workshop of 1 December – Agreement that we should do this type of event again, as it was generally good and useful, stressing behavioral changes for sustainability, but to promote it better, using other means besides listserves.  The Petworth library was an adequate site, but perhaps the time could be better.  Issue for follow-up:  Charles Satterfield, the DDOE presenter, has not followed up with further communication. GN sent an email of thanks the following day with questions about the status of the HERS program and about lights at the high school playing field. We will continue to try to contact him.

Brochure on sustainability measures – DC has made some edits but did not have a copy at the meeting.  An idea was to have a final copy, nicely formatted versions of the book and video resources list on hand for distribution at Upshur Books during the month of April to mark Earth Day.

Polar bear Plunge — Happening 24 January. As of meeting date, two have signed up (as of 15 January, it’s up to 5).  Need to get more plungers and more pledges.

Anya Schoolman presentation on solar installation/Pepco-Exelon merger issues – David Schwartzman to sort out a date for a February date of her choosing.  This is an example of an event that merits a major push for attendance.  There was some discussion whether to combine Schoolman’s presence with a regular meeting.

Pepco-Exelon merger – After discussion strongly focusing on the negatives (Exelon’s record of being against a policy of supporting renewables, its major holdings of nuclear facilities, its distant corporate headquarters in Chicago as opposed to local), GN agreed to oppose the merger, with a more formal position statement to follow after studying more information. More urgently, the first hearing before the Public Service Commission is this week, at 1333 H St.  NW, and several of us will attend.

The date for a January meeting was not settled, because of the MLK holiday and the Polar Bear Plunge confounding the usual meeting week.

Note: The next meeting will be held on Monday, January 26.

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