Winter Weatherization Workshop with DDOE a Success

On this chilly December 1 evening, Mr. Charles Satterfield of the District Department of the Environment came out to Petworth Library to share valuable winter weatherization and energy efficiency with Green Neighbors and friends. We learned about so many different topics:

  • low-flow showerheads can help reduce water and energy bills
  • you can use duct tape to tape gaps in heating / cooling ducts
  • you can hover a lighter around window and door seals to identify where gaps are present
  • for windows in very poor shape, window kits can cover the entire area to seal gaps
  • sealing tape can be used to seal cracks in the actual pane
  • caulking can also be used around windows and to seal leaks near doors
  • weatherstripping can also be used to seal around doors; door sweeps and other small purchases at your local hardware store can help with larger gaps around doors
  • Inexpensive LED lighting is a better alternative than incandescent bulbs
  • Small temperature changes (2-3 degrees) in a home are okay, but large variations in temperature throughout the day can actually consume more energy than leaving the thermostat set to a consistent temperature all day.
  • and many more…

A big thanks to Mr. Satterfield and the DDOE for coming out. We hope to plan another such event in the late spring. If you would be interested in attending, please email so that we can notify you upon scheduling the event.


Mr. Satterfield and some of the “quick fix” items that can be used to save energy.

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