Meeting Minutes – November 2014

Here are the notes from tonight’s meeting (below and attached). Thanks to Alix for taking the notes!

Green Neighbors meeting 11/17/14

Attendees: Lindsay, David, Robert, Lisa, Basav, Alix, DC, Catherine

Next meeting’s facilitator: DC

Bank Account
We have a bank account!

Groundswell Wind Power Group Purchase
Groundswell has a contract with WGES, deadline to sign up is this Friday and Groundswell is hosting phone banking every day this week, including dinner. Limited funds are available to pay phonebankers $15 per hour, as long as people are there for at least 2 hours. Phonebanking will occur Monday through Thursday of this week, Nov. 17 through Nov. 20, from 5 PM to 9 PM. Anyone who is interested in phonebanking is requested to fill out the following online form:

Polar Bear Plunge
If we raise more than $1K, we keep half—it’s a fundraiser for CCAN. Jan 24, National Harbor. More info when they set up group fundraiser.

Climate Leadership Summit (2 days) with the Rainforest Action Network
Catherine and David went, Catherine did a training for trainers on conducting a workshop and she could do a two hour version for us. 100 folks went.

Potential guest speaker
Anya Schoolman from DC SUN via David. Have a larger event than the few of us. January event w Anya at the Petworth Library on local solar legislation in January? David will ask Anya about a day that works for her in early 2015.

Pepco- Exelon merger

Approved by both shareholders but still in process. DC SUN is working on opposing the merger. Potential local forum on the issue? What are other organizations doing on this? Organize our folks to join others work? Basav and Lisa will look into the merger and get back to us.

Keystone XL pipeline
Basav and Lisa went to the protest at Senator Mary Landrieu’s house this morning, Senate vote is schedule for 6PM Tuesday. Obama seen as stronger on this than in the past, particularly in China. 350 is organizing protests tomorrow at the Senate, check their website for more info.

Resource/ energy saving tips brochure
First draft sent out via email. Background can be changed to a less busy one. Need an image for its front. Will be printed professionally. Need to mention something on food, probably about reducing meat consumption. Add info on drinking filtered tap water, not just avoiding bottled water.
Next up is a brochure on local resources for sustainability. Send resources to DC for the brochure.

Energy workshop update and logistics
Robin Graham from DDOE responded to Catherine right away and has been very helpful in setting up the event. Charles Satterfeild will present from 6-7, Monday December 1 at the Petworth Library. We have the library 5:30- 7:30. We can serve food, but it would have to be in single serving portions. Catherine will ask the library if we can serve apples and ask the library who they use for translation at their events. Folks can use the library’s water fountain. Lindsey will research Spanish translation for future events, assuming we cannot find free translation ASAP. DC has a flyer made, will email it out as a PDF and a JPG. Lisa will see if she can get it in the Post’s calendar. Everyone will post it locally and via our own networks.
Success counts for us as 10 folks we don’t know, but a total count of 20 folks for the DDOE.

Mission statement
Annette pointed out that it’s actually a vision statement, so we could still create a mission statement. An MS is what we’ll do to reach the goals of our current VS. An MS as having measurable goals. MS’ can be one sentence but don’t have to. Something with our tactics. Basav, Robert, Catherine to work it out via email within two weeks and present it at the next meeting. We will ask Annette if she is able to help with this.

Guest speakers
1. We can have a visitor from Sustainable DC and
2. Mike Ewall from Energy Justice Network on incineration as a major source of methane production. There is a functioning trash incinerator on Benning Road. Focus on false solutions to climate change, trash as an significant EJ issue. Gas transfer station proposed for southwest, action around that. Looking at the entire climate footprint of gas as approaching coal/ oil.
Next meeting with a guest speaker for 30 minutes if possible. DC will figure out if a guest speaker will fit into the agenda. If we have time for a guest speaker, Catherine will contact the potential guest speakers to find out availability.

Letter to New Administration
Do we want to write a letter from the group to the new administration via their transition team with our priorities? Focus on better development via McMillan Park, soccer stadium, St. Elizabeth’s, Walter Reed? Alternative vision for the proposed soccer statement—support local organizing efforts. Topic for next meeting. Alix will find out what Washington Parks and People and Empower DC are doing and post it on the email list or bring it to the website.

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