Meeting Minutes- September 2014

Green Neighbors meeting 9/15/14

Attendees: Annette (facilitator), Lindsay, David, DC, Kevin, Catherine

Lindsay will facilitate the next meeting.

Complete and formalize requirements for proposals

We need a forum to accept proposals, so we need information in advance.

Annette will write up the proposal requirements and will get it online in about a week or so. People can use the requirements to make proposals for the October meeting. That will be the test case, and we will figure out if we need to amend the requirements based on the initial proposals.

Lindsay or Annette will put it on the website.

The community at large can make proposals.

People can send proposals to our Green Neighbors email address.

Catherine will check the GN email, make sure proposals are complete and send them out to the GN listserve.

Petworth Community Market

October 4 – we will have a table at the community canopy. Catherine has materials, but she will send out a signup genius.  People can sign up for shifts at the table.

Groundwell Group Purchase

Groundswell bulk purchase deadline is October 23rd. They send materials that we can use at the farmer’s market. Other venues that could be used would be appreciated. 4C ANC meeting in October is available, date TBD. DC volunteered to send a blurb on Bloombars on 11thnorth of Kenyon that’s mostly arts listserv and another local community listserv.

Columbia Heights – should it be one of our neighborhoods?

Columbia Heights will be one of our neighborhoods. We will add the neighborhood to our website, mission statement, etc.  We will also check to see if there is another group like ours there.

Recycling Bins

Rob will send out info about DCEN response to the listserve.

DC will send out info he got.

Catherine or Rob will follow up.

Most recycling bins are run by business improvement districts – DC will contact them and find out how it works and if we can request any.

There are also Adopt-a-Block, Adopt-a-Park groups too – DC will research those too.

Bank Account

We are in the process of finding a bank that will work to open a checking account.

Lindsay is researching banks and will report at our October meeting.

At our October meeting we will elect a treasurer.  If anyone wants to volunteer to be treasurer, they can let everyone know prior to or at the meeting.

People’s Climate March

David is going and doing a workshop.

Basav, Catherine and Max are going.

Community Renewable Energy Act

Since the regulations have been done for the Community Renewable Energy Act – in a future meeting, one of the experts on this subject could give us an update. – maybe the November meeting

David will contact Anya at DC SUN to figure out who could come to our meeting.

Stormwater Runoff Reduction Credits

Annette is figuring out how to get the credits and will share with the group.


The website is in great shape, thanks to Lindsay’s hard work!

Catherine will put out an announcement to the listserve announcing the website.

Two audiences for website: our GN group, and the general public.

GN members should look at the website and give suggestions. (Website address:

Still have some tweaks to make technically/design-wise. Clare in New York is helping with design.

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