Partnership with Groundswell

Switch to wind power for 12% less! Switch to clean energy with Green Neighbors in partnership with Groundswell (


Step 1 (Complete): Groundswell gauges interest in switching to clean energy. Express your (non-binding) interest by clicking the “Join Our Group Purchase” link here.

Step 2 (Current Step–anyone can join!): Based on the interest shown, Groundswell negotiates a deal with the best of various competing clean energy suppliers. This rate should be more affordable than switching to clean energy alone. After seeing the rate, you can decide if you’d like to sign up. No infrastructure changes are necessary– energy will be delivered in the same manner as always, which  makes this feasible even for renters.

Latest Offer
This fall over 70 of our neighbors joined 1,800 others to negotiate a group rate for clean energy for their homes. Thanks to them, our partner Groundswell was able to get a rate for wind power that is 12% less than you would pay if you switched on your own. And this great rate is available to everyone who pays an electric bill!

This offer is good until Friday, November 21st. Click this link to sign up.  You will be directed through Groundswell to the website of Washington Gas Energy Services (WGES), the winning supplier.

As a bonus, Green Neighbors will receive a $10 donation for every person from our community who signs up.

Groundswell Negotiated Group Rate
100% national wind

100% local wind
9.75 for 1 yr 11.3 for 1 yr
9.70 for 2 yrs 11.2 for 2 yrs
Clean Energy
on your own
10.99 11.7 – 13.18
Utility Price to Compare for Dirty Energy* 8.23

** Price to compare is a weighted average of the published “standard offer service” prices. These prices change 2x a year on June 1 and Oct 1.
**Rates are in cents per kWh and for either 1- or 2-year contracts

Details on the Winning Wind Energy Offer

  • You continue to receive the same utility electricity bill and service.
  • Switch and support wind energy = stronger environment, future & economy!
  • Anyone who pays an electric bill in DC, MD or PA can join. It doesn’t matter whether you rent or own.
  • There is a three day cancellation window with no fees or penalties. Additionally, if you move, there are no contract termination fees!

For questions and to learn more about the group negotiated prices, please visit Groundswell’s frequently asked questions or contact or 202-753-9672. Additionally, several Green Neighbors have switched with Groundswell and can provide firsthand information if you Contact Us.

If you are interested in going solar, Groundswell has also negotiated a group rate on solar panels. Click here to learn more.

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